Russell Manser’s Net Worth: Shocking Details Emerge About TikTok Star’s Fortune – And How Bank Robber’s Once Booming Business Empire Crumbled Owing Millions… But He Was STILL Living Large Days Before He Died

Russell Manser’s Net Worth: Shocking Details Emerge About TikTok Star’s Fortune – And How Bank Robber’s Once Booming Business Empire Crumbled Owing Millions… But He Was STILL Living Large Days Before He Died

Russell Manser’s Net Worth: Shocking Details Emerge About TikTok Star’s Fortune – And How Bank Robber’s Once Booming Business Empire Crumbled Owing Millions… But He Was STILL Living Large Days Before He Died – Ex-con turned TikTok celebrity Russell Manser was who owns a multimillion-dollar property collection, luxurious cars and a $3 million company… until his organization empire collapsed amid a appropriate feud and massive debt.

Everyday Mail Australia can reveal remarkable details about how reformed bank robber Manser, 56, was quietly embroiled in a high-stakes judge situation that partly led to him taking a stand for prisoners who wound up in administration.

He died on Saturday night. His cause of death has still maybe not been built community, but there have been number suspicious circumstances.

Manser had used 23 years in various prisons in Australia until he turned his life around and turned an supporter for victims of institutional abuse.

He was raped over repeatedly in juvenile detention, and then again in a grown-up prison as a teen, and released “The Voice of a Survivor” in 2017 to help abused inmates get compensation.

Russell Manser is imagined in his penthouse residence overlooking Sydney Harbour

The company gone broke last year, owing the tax authorities about $1 million, but in addition gone broke just because a former client submitted a civil lawsuit for more than $800,000.

Regardless of the fall of his organization, Manser began a podcast named The Stitch Up and continued to live a life of luxurious with luxurious cars, a penthouse on Sydney Harbor and a farm in upper NSW.

A supply who kept touching Manser until his death couldn’t realize wherever his money originated from, telling Everyday Mail Australia: ‘He existed very a sizable life and I couldn’t work out how podcasts would keep that.

“Voice of the Heir died in the ***,” they said.

Failed business and a legal battle

The Voice of a Heir provided free counseling to victims, provided to prepare reveal report on their abuse for a payment, and then referred potential payment claimants to law firms.

The company also priced the victims for continued help throughout the appropriate process.

Manser resolved allegations that the business done organization by soliciting former prisoners and cold-calling victims within a Might 2022 episode of ABC’s Australian Story.

He told the process: ‘We’ve been in organization for five years now.

‘It hasn’t been smooth sailing. People want to indicate that individuals have inked issues that are undesired, which can be actually hurtful.”

Manser refused allegations that his business pressured prone sexual attack heirs to initiate payment instances in exchange for kickbacks from law firms in a training known as “maintain farming.”

“We do not need certainly to maintain a farm, people arrive at people,” he told the programme.

‘We do not want to do that. But you understand, I wouldn’t state for another that individuals did not make mistakes.

Manser claimed the brand new Jeep was “the fresh fruit of my labor” and inspired his supporters to “work hard”

He also rejected suggestions. The Voice of Heir took several thousand buck commissions from law firms for mentioning prisoners in their mind, and explained how the business built money.

“We really bill for a written report and the help we offer to the survivor,” he said.

The company gone broke last September after having a change in regulations stopped victims from creating statements against people who’d died, creating the business design unprofitable.

In accordance with insolvency documents, The Voice of a Heir received about $3.2 million in fiscal 2022, with debts of about $2.8 million.

The company owed about $1 million to the Internal Revenue Company last year when it submitted for bankruptcy, but the business also gone broke as a result of an $800,000 civil match by a former customer.

In accordance with insolvency documents, the maintain linked to allegations that the business had been liable and breached their work of care.

The situation will be seen in federal court.

Russell Manser told his Facebook readers that he acquired rare Nikes in 2021

Life of luxury

Manser continued to live his life of luxurious extended after his business collapsed.

He had around 300,000 social media marketing readers on Instagram and TikTok and often resolved his market while leaning from the hood of one of his true luxurious cars.

Manser owned a dark Mercedes price about $160,000, and a Jeep Cherokee price about $80,000, which he acquired in 2022.

“I enjoy the fruits of my job every now and then,” he told his Facebook readers, alongside an image of the brand new car covered in a red bow.

‘Function hard, remain focused and follow goals.’

In his movies, he sure others that they, also, could stay an excellent life when they “got down the PlayStation and put down the hookah.”

When he was not posing in a luxurious car, he was recording from his ‘penthouse’residence on Master Block Wharf, overlooking Sydney Harbour, or from his $2 million farm in upper NSW.

Imagined: Manser’s sprawling property in upper NSW

The intensive property covers six hectares with a four-bedroom house, ten paddocks, stables and a dam.

In accordance with insolvency documents, Manser obtained $218,000 from the business between September 2021 and September 2023.

That volume contains 18 “benefit payments” from The Voice of a Heir, price a total of $45,800, and seven additional obligations price $33,200.

Manser Company Pty Ltd, owned by Manser, also obtained 77 obligations price $139,000.

He also downloaded photos in rare shoes and designer clothes.

Girlfriend talks about their open relationship

On Saturday morning, his fan Liliana Gagic published some photos of these together on Instagram.

In the caption, she wrote, “Goodbye my love, until we meet again.”

Ms Gagic told Everyday Mail Australia they’d an “open relationship&rdquo ;.

“Russell and I’d an open connection,” she said.

“I’m in Europe right now, so I was not close to him (when he died).

“Russell was a warrior. A person with a mission. Heart, everyone who ever met may remember it forever. A person of flexibility, volume and vibration that not many people embody.’

She claimed he revealed ‘love and consideration towards victims of sexual abuse’and defined him as a ‘one in a million person ‘.

Manser is survived by his two daughters, Ky and Bayley Manser.

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